The Universe Is Always At Work……


The universe is always at work.

We might be aware that change is needed, that it is inevitable, that it must come if we are to fulfill our destiny, but we pause for a moment to feel safe, perhaps for a relationship we shouldn't be in, or a job that earns us reliable, good money. So we blindly pause, but then something happens, to wake us up out of our blindness.


"SINGLEDOM" & "DIVA DOCS": Selected for LAWeb Fest '15

"SINGLEDOM" & "DIVA DOCS": Selected for Los Angeles Web Series Festival (LAWeb Fest)

My Birthday Wish This Year - GIVE TO OTHERS, HELP OTHERS


Hey all,

It's my birthday next week, and often people want to buy me things, but I've been thinking about how I could positively impact others, and what better occasion than my birthday, which falls on April 29th.

So I'm thinking, instead of buying me a gift, you could give a donation, or even offer your services, to an organization in need of help, serving to educate society and helping those less fortunate than us.

I have listed some of the charities and websites (run by friends) that I have in mind below.

Lastly, please respond to this post, advising which charity or organization you chose to help. I do not want to know amount, just that you reached out is enough, even if it is to donate as little as $1.

List of my friends organizations and charities:

* Stop CAID Now  (LIsa Moreno-Dickinson)

Stop Chilhood Auto-inflammatory Diseases

* Being Beautiful Foundation (Valerie Crabbe)

Serving underprivileged foster children

* Robin's Eyes (Robin Dickerson)

Serving Juvenile Blindness

* A Star Name Assiah Liver Fund - Kickstarter Campaign (Rasheena Phinisee)

Raising awareness & helping friends & families with children suffering from liver disease

* Pink Soldiers Foundation - Annual Food Drive (Tyema Sanchez)

SUNDAY MAY 4 - Help the Pink Soldiers Foundation Fill Up A 26' Truck With Food For Philabundance

* No Secrets Between Us - Child Abuse Prevention & Education (Rosey Noyb)

The book is for children in an effort to empower and educate about child abuse - to be purchased by parents and educators. 


Thank you everyone in advance of even a mere dollar you can donate to these worthwhile organizations, all headed by empowered women who I consider friends. 



Chemistry, Charisma, but no Control (FB Repost 2-23-13)



Why are some people (who have so much charisma, intelligence, sexuality, sensuality) unable to control themselves!

I've seen people who could have achieved so much with their natural chemistry and charisma, but they didn't harness that energy in a productive way, and focused it entirely on sexual imagery and conquest.

It's sad, because they continue to pay the price and never change..but yet they wonder why everyone has given up on them....they get old, and continue this unfortunate charade... People like this might be charming at first to be around, but they are all about themselves, so will undoubtedly hurt nearly everyone they get close to... after they have driven everyone off, because of the need to consummate every friendship, they wonder why they are often so alone.

Wow, there are a few people I've observed who throw opportunities away because they think with their loins and not their brains. They lack accountability and loyalty in friendships. They might think that they have been casanovas and seductresses themselves, but really, who are they kidding. The joke is on them!!!


Sharing ourselves!!!


Sharing is a wonderful thing to so with our lives, but at the same time, we need to have discretion in choosing who to share with.

Fortunately, for those of us who endeavor to do right by others, by supporting and lifting others, helping them with their visions, and believing in them, karma is very kind. That being said, we should be careful to surround and share ourselves with people who in turn lift us up. If we share too much of ourselves with others that respond with treachery and negativity, who lack loyalty, then that will pull us down.

So surround and share yourself with those that inspire and are on your side as much as you are on theirs. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize, as some will appear to be on your side, to be your loyal friends at first, however, time will always separate true & loyal friends from fair weather friends, as the latter, the fair weather friends, will drop you like a hot potato when another or others come their way that better suit their purpose. See, these fair weather friends are only about sharing what benefits themselves. 


Hello 2013


HELLO 2013 - How do you like my NEW LOOK WEBSITE????  I spent close to 10 hours this past weekend updating it, so hopefully not in vain.  Haven't touched it in months, and have not really leveraged it like I should, but that is about to change.  I have come to the conclusion that it should be the hub of my communications. Hmmm!

It's been a while since I blogged (I haven't really blogged much at all), and I have made a promise to myself that I will pay more attention to blogging, not to mention this website in general.  

So its been an eventful time, radio show is going well, as is the doctoral study and music is in the works. Not sure if you were aware, but I put together an awesome holiday show in December (December 18, 2012), with artists from Philly & New York, and it turned out very well.  Thinking of doing them every quarter.  I got to sing of course, and meet some of the artists I've interviewed and never met in person.  it was awesome.



How old is too old to chase your dreams???


I thought I'd start the blog off with the topic I touched on in my "Welcome" memo on the home page.  

"..I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to chase the lifelong dreams I have not always been able to pursue, given the priorities and responsibilities life & family has thrown my way. As time passes, I realize I have to be true to myself and go after those dreams with passion and resolve, so at the end of my life, I have no regrets..."

I have to admit, sometimes I feel outside my comfort zone, going after these dreams.  Coupled with the fact I'm no longer in my 20s!!  It's a little scary, but at the same time it's even scarier to think about never trying to reach for the stars.  I guess I'm a dream chaser, but sometimes dreams come true. Almost certainly, nothing great is ever achieved without dreaming big first.  I ask myself am I still viable, marketable!!!  I guess that is yet to be seen.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!